We have an intuitive & passionate yet pragmatic approach to design and new business development, as the goal is to find synergy between design and the business development objectives. We create market and consumer centric standout products using a unique design process that cultivates and synthesizes energies between design, engineering and manufacturing processes to accomplish business goals.

Our design & Manufacturing capabilities encompass a wide range of home/office accessories & furnishings using a variety of cutting-edge technologies and materials.

We design Architectural elements, tabletop accessories, seating/tables, lighting, bed/bath/soft-furnishings, mirrors, bathroom fixtures, textiles/rugs/carpets, environments and personal accessories.

We custom manufacture-fabricate-handcraft everything we can design for clients, from Architectural elements to furniture and from tabletop accessories to soft furnishings. Our manufacturing services include a turnkey-one time manufacturing project and or seasonal-cyclical and long term manufacturing arrangements. We deliver high quality and cost-effective product with great support service backed by a vigorous three-step quality management process (QMP) to ensure; (1) Design integrity (2) consistent product quality and (3) deliver when needed and or promised. We are adept at resolving design/production issues and wield a variety of traditional/unique manufacturing processes and cutting edge technologies to accomplish innovative designs and product quality in a cost-effective way.

We design & develop brands and private label programs, from products to marketing

communication materials to strategic implementation of the programs in manufacturing and positioning of brands. We can design product extensions with a cohesive continuation of existing lines or initiate radical departure with new products and or identity. Clients gain competitive advantages with our “Strategic Design Initiative” (SDI) based on our design & manufacturing methodologies.

Our specialty services include custom design-manufacturing-delivery for Hospitality and institutional clients in all product categories aforementioned.

Specialty projects and one-of-a-kind design and fabrication for Architects and Interior Designers worldwide. Products range from architectural elements to soft furnishings.

With twenty years of experience & expertise in print and packaging, we can design, develop and print your marketing materials/collateral with the best quality & materials cost-effectively.

Special events and environment design, fabrication and installation along with upper-bracket residential commissions for events and products.
"Prat & Whitnee" Table Lamp

Our Design Capabilities:

• Table top centerpieces • Tableware/decanters/pitchers
• Kitchen & Bar tools • Dinnerware in ceramics/metals
• Rugs/carpets/flooring • Lighting
• Furniture/cabinets/fixtures • Soft furnishings
• Bathroom hardware/fixtures • Environments/Interiors
• Architectural elements • Private label design/development
• Marketing Communications design & print Services • Brand experience/product extensions design