At the dawn of the 21st century, designer Raju Peddada's expressionist vision challenges the orthodoxy of post- modern minimalism with a fantastic and soulful homage to Western technology and the idealization of forms.

Inspired by an eclectic selection of cultural artifacts and icons that range from the mythic to the mundane. This seminal offering of decorative accessories and luminaries celebrates our human impulse to explore and transform our world.

Where the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi finds grace in accidental beauty, Peddada designs seek beauty in the graceful rhythms of deliberate perfection. Streamlined forms reflect the seamless sublimation of these cultural artifacts, and the achievements they embody, into our collective consciousness, while luxurious metal finishes hint at the indelible mark these achievements have left on everyday life.

Duality and multiple functionality meet in a Shiva- esque dance of creation, deconstruction and reinvention that flouts conventional boundaries separating stasis from movement, literal from abstract, profound from commonplace. Reversibility is a recurring theme as, for example, a vase inspired by Galileo's telescope inverts to become an anthropomorphic serving pedestal.

Some designs are destined to complement, others to command. Architectural in scale, musical in composition, erotic in their sensuality, Peddada accents possess an intrinsic power to "break the plane" with a jazz-like interplay of form, texture, and function that becomes a compelling focal point in any environment from high-touch traditional to high-tech modern.
"Boeing" Table Lamp