Nature's highest achievement is the capacity of the created to observe and reflect on creation. Recognizing this universal human creative impulse that gives birth to all useful social and cultural change, Peddada home accents represent a quantum shift in contemporary decorative furnishings with interactive designs that reach out to engage, entice, challenge and inspire the observer on an intellectual level.

Expressed in a series of chimeric designs with multiple function and aesthetic personality, the Peddada brand philosophy seeks to create and nurture a unique reciprocal relationship with the observer by encouraging him/her to take an active part in the myth, mystery and meaning of the observed.

The unique aesthetic appeal of Peddada designs derives in large part from their configurability, which leaves the final act of creative expression to the end user. In a very real sense, no piece is finished until it finds its assigned role in the owner's environment.

As the Greeks sought perfection in the mathematical proportions of common objects, Peddada creations explore the spiritual dimension of technical achievement, from thematic material to the patented designs and unique manufacturing processes used to achieve the limited-run finished works.

At a time when technology is popularly denounced for its tendency to destroy, Peddada designs celebrate a passion for playful creativity that lifts the human spirit advancing the proposition that beauty lies not in the eye, but in the intellect of the beholder.