The Future Environments Company (TFEC), came into existence with one premise in mind "Good Design is Great Business." It was formed with the primary goal to design, develop and market modern culturally relevant specialty home furnishings and accessories under designer brand "Peddada."

Under TFEC, Peddada brand's core competency and strength is in their capacity to extrapolate and exploit various visual metaphors. Images from cultural and historical benchmarks of past and present, are used as a platform for product design development. Visual metaphors, like Copernicus's telescope, as a futuristic vase in our product lineup illustrates the point. A combination of advanced design methods and observation methodology brings together intangible elements of cultures to create fantastic designs for the home furnishings market.

Albert Einstein said, "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious". The company's goal is to consistently create products based on a synthesis of mystery, fantasy and desire; products, with multi-purpose functions and multiple aesthetic personalities. Each product can be extended into a family of accessaries with limited handcrafted quantities per year. The products will be authenticated with certificates or medallions, and will be signed and numbered.